Friday, October 24, 2014

Love Story: Part 3

It's been a month and a couple of days,
Since I last saw and spoke to Sam.
The only thing that I knew about Sam at this point,
Was that his name was Sam,
He went to Blackfoot,
And he liked sports!
I held onto those facts:)

On July 17th, 2009,
I received a friend request and message from a
Samuel Cannon on Facebook.
We had mutual friends so I accepted him
And messaged him back.
I looked through his pictures,
But actually didn't recognize him.
So I messaged to Samuel Cannon,
"Hello, you look familiar."
"But I don't know you, haha."
{i feel so dumb about this conversation now}
Samuel Cannon was so kind to message me back and say,
"It's me Sam from the stake dance!"

THEE Sam from the stake dance was who I was
Messaging right now?!
{small freak out moment}

Like I said before,
I knew nothing about Sam!
I didn't know his real name was Samuel!
And his last name was Cannon!
And his profile picture looked wayyyyyyy different,
Than how he actually looked!
{this is me defending myself and short-term memory}

It was all coming back now though,
And I was on cloud 9:)

Sam asked me about my dance tryout,
And I asked him how his summer had been with sports:)
It was like a summer romance via Facebook,
And I was loving every second!!
I constantly was checking to see if Sam had
Messaged me back,
And it would make my day when I would see a notification in my inbox:)

But after awhile I was starting to wonder if he was ever going to ask me to do something?!
We had been chatting for a little while,
And he hadn't asked for my phone number,
Or asked me on a date,
It was strictly talk via Facebook.

So I did something I had never done before,
And I asked a boy for their number!!
Specifically a boy named Sam!!
It was terrifying!!!!!

Sam told me he didn't have a cell phone,
And that is why he hadn't asked before.
But told me he enjoyed chatting on Facebook,
And asked if we could continue doing it.

I said YES of course,
And our summer chatting/romance continued:)

Out of the blue,
One August evening,
Sam Cannon asked me on a date to McDonalds,
And once again,
My heart skipped a beat:)
Chelsie C.


  1. Chels... this is so much fun! Even though I know how the story goes ... my heart is beating fast to see what happens next! I think we should have you record this vocally - you are so animated it would be fun to play this back in the future. Love you! Momma C

    1. I have totally thought about recording this story vocally!! Sam and I could take turns telling it, it would be so funny to listen to in the future!:D That will be the next project on my list!:)

  2. Yes, yes! Facebook and McDonald's...definitely the stuff true love is made of. :)

    1. Tiff, you are the greatest for coming back everyday to read these posts!:) Until tomorrow, haha!


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