Monday, October 27, 2014

Love Story: Part 6

So I thought October 17th was the best day of my life,
October 27th had it beat by a long ways:)
October 27th is the reason we got married on
December 27th,
Just sayin' ;)
That story will come later:)
P.s isn't it funny that today is October 27th?!
Totally didn't plan this,
But this is perfect:)

Today is a bunch of things,
It's my brother Royce's birthday,
It's a Tuesday,
And it's another stake dance,
What are the odds;)

So Sam and I made plans to meet up at the dance,
And I couldn't wait to see him:)

The night came,
And as I was about doing the Cha-Cha Slide again,
I was keeping my eye peeled for Mr. Sam:)
All of a sudden,
Sam walks through the doors,
And I am SO excited!!!:)
He is with some of his friends,
And I am with some of my friends,
But somehow we find ourselves dancing,
And I am loving every second:)
While we are dancing,
Sam asked me if he could take me home,
And maybe we could stop by
McDonalds on the way home!:)
I wanted to SO badly.
But it was a school night and I knew what my
Mom would say.
So I told Sam that I would go and ask my Mom,
{because she is still in the Stake Young Women's and at this dance, ha!}
And get back to him momentarily:)
I ran over to my friend Holly and told her what was up!
I told her I couldn't tell my Mom,
But also that I had to tell her,
I would be dead!!!
I drove all my friends to the dance that night,
So we figured I had a little bit of time to spare with dropping them off.
So this is the plan that Holly and I came up with.
She would take everyone home for me in my car,
Take my car to her house,
I would quickly go to McDonalds with Sam,
And we would meet up at Holly's house:)
Then I would drive home,
Run upstairs,
And go right to bed,
I don't know why I was nervous to ask my Mom if I could go with Sam,
She probably would have said yes!!
Silly me!!
Forgive me Mom!;)
I have learned from my mistakes!!!!!
So Sam, me, and all of my friends
Left the dance at the same time,
And I left with Sam:)
We left the parking lot listening to,
"Must Have Done Something Right"
By Relient K:)
{this is now one of "our" songs and we love it}
And we were on our way to McDonalds!:)
We quickly grabbed some cheeseburgers,
Chatted a bit about the dance and the Cha-Cha Slide,
And Sam said that he would drive me to my car:)
On the way to Holly's we talked,
We laughed,
We played Relient K on replay,
It was great:)
When we arrived at Holly's house and my car,
Sam asked me if he could walk me to my car:)
That gave me butterflies,
So I said yes:)
Sam told me that he had a surprise for me,
But really he had surpriseS for me, haha:)
He first pulled out a note and gave it to me,
And told me that I could read it later:)
Ever so softly,
Sam Cannon gave me a kiss:)
Right there in front of Holly's house,
McDonalds breath and all:)
I was speechless,
And pretty sure that I thanked him for the kiss,
But once again I was on cloud 9,
Sam Cannon had just kissed ME!!!:)
Today was truly the best day of my life!:)
I drove home,
Ran upstairs,
Jumped into bed,
And read the note that Sam had given me:)
Chelsie C.
So after this day,
27th's became really important to Sam and I!:)
We would celebrate them each month,
And all day just wish each other a Happy 27th!:)
So it was only natural that we get married on a 27th,
But hey,
That's another story;)
Happy 27th Lovers:)

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  1. I missed out over the weekend, but so glad I could start my week off catching up on this love story! It just keeps getting better & better!!! Happy 27th, Cannons!


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