Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Love Story: Part 8

I just have to mention one thing before we get going with the next part of the Love Story:)
Today marks one year since Sam
Came home from his mission:)
Where has the time gone?!:)
That will be another part coming with this love story,
But I just wanted all of you to know how much I
Really really love this day!:)
Happy October 29th!:)
I love where life has taken me this past year:)


Where did these last three months go?!
Is it really time for Sam to leave on his mission?!
Better question is,
Am I ready for Sam to leave on his mission.

The months before Sam left on his mission were magical,
That's the best way to describe it:)
It wasn't magical though because we were
Young and in love,
But because so many events happened in these last couple of weeks together,
That changed my life:)

Sam is one of the greatest examples in my life,
He has truly helped me reach a new level of happiness,
I have always appreciated that about him:)
If you need someone to come and make you feel like a million bucks,
Call Sam:)

Some of the things I was able to witness before Sam left on his mission,
Was him prepare diligently for his mission,
Going to the Temple,
Hearing him give his farewell talk,
Doing so much for those around him,
And just him being so excited for this next
Step in his life:)
It was magical I tell you!:)

But the day came,
November 1, 2011,
The day I was going to say goodbye to Sam for two years.
My heart was full of so many emotions!
{ happy happy emotions:) }

Sam was headed out the next day,
So he was SO busy this day!
And within a matter of hours,
He would be set apart as a Missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints:)

I went over early in the day to help him with any
Last minute things,
And then told him I would be back later
When he was set apart,
And to say my see ya laters!!!
{ AH! }

I ran over to Walmart to grab a few things,
Print off some pictures,
And then I ran back over to Sam's house,
Time was precious at this point and I didn't want to waste a second!
Sam and I both had little things we wanted to
Give each other,
And between all the running back and forth,
We were able to give these items to each other:)
One of the things Sam gave me was an Adventure Book!:)
We are OBSESSED with the movie UP,
And Sam made me the most wonderful book of Adventures we had had together:)
As soon as he gave it to me though,
He had to run and grab something,
So I just sat on the couch and thumbed
Through all the pages:)
Sam had kept things like tooth picks,
Gum wrappers,
Ticket receipts,
So many memories came flooding back:)
This book was amazing he had put together:)
We decided to run outside for a second to say goodbye,
Give each other the rest of the stuff we had,
And then head inside to have Sam set
Apart as a Missionary:)
Outside we exchanged some promise CTR rings we had picked out for each other,
Some pictures,
One last big hug,
And a soft kiss on the forehead to last forever:)
{ or just two years, hehe }
As we went back inside,
There was just so much love:)
Sam and I took a seat on the piano bench for a moment.
And then it was time,
Sam was going to be set apart as a Missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
This was an awesome thing to be apart of:)
After Sam was set apart,
It really was time for us to say our final goodbyes,
And I didn't know if I was ready.
Like I said,
Sam was such an example to me,
My best friend,
And I was starting to doubt if I could do these
Two years without him.
But I knew this was not the time to be selfish,
Sam was sacrificing these two years to the Lord,
I couldn't wait for this adventure to start for him:)
Sam and I made eye contact across the room,
We gave each other the look,
And I made my way over.
Right as I was going in for the kill my brother
Royce came in for his goodbye!!
I was totally cut off,
And it was hilarious!!:D
That was totally needed in that moment:)
But for reals,
It was my turn now!!
I couldn't hug Sam now that he was set apart,
So I stuck out my hand for a really great handshake:)
I knew by that handshake Sam gave me,
That he was going to be an AMAZING Missionary:)
{ strong hands and a tight grip, you know what i'm saying! }
We  just looked at each other though.
We said we would see each other in two:)
Then ever so slowly,
{ and i mean basically holding hands now, ha }
Our hands let go.
I turned around,
Headed over to my Mom,
Said goodbye to the Cannons,
Turned around and waved to Sam across the room,
And stepped outside.
My Mom thought it was a good idea if I
Didn't drive home alone,
So I grabbed my adventure book,
And got in the car with my sister-in-law Alex!
As I got in the car and looked out the window,
I didn't expect to see anything.
But there was Sam standing on the
Porch with his family:)
He was waving goodbye,
And I rolled down my window and waved goodbye back,
It was a great last moment goodbye:)
But then Alex and I drove away.
That was the last time I saw now Elder Cannon,
For 727 days.
And I thought to myself,
Here is to another adventure:)
We took this picture on our last date,
I have always loved it!:)

Chelsie C.

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  1. Oh, my! There may be a tear or two welling up in my eyes...never have been a big fan of good-byes. So glad to know that there is one AMAZING hello on the way!!!


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